A Day in the Life

Hello everyone!

I would love to know what a typical day looks like for someone working onboard as a photographer, videographer, media relations, etc. 



  • Miguel Ottaviano
    Miguel Ottaviano Member Posts: 13
    Hey, communicators!  I'd also like to learn more about life as a Mercy Ships videographer/photographer.
  • Tanya Sierra
    Tanya Sierra Member Posts: 4
    Hi Kathryn and Miguel!

    Thanks for dropping us a note! Everyone on the ship thinks they have the best job...trust me when I say we on the communications team have the best job. We are blessed to witness the patient's journey from beginning to end using our creative gifts in writing, photography and videography to tell their testimony to the world. No two days are the same. Somedays you are just running, running and running and you may even lose sight of why you are here. And then you have the chance to hang out with a kid before surgery, hold the hand of a patient that is struggling or pray for a fellow crew member and then you remember why you are here: to capture the story. This is the toughest job that you will ever love.

    I'm one of two writers on board and get to work closely with the photographers and videographer. The photographers job varies day to day capturing patient stories and also filling marketing requests for photos from one of our 16 national offices. Our videographer is often out in different areas of the ship capturing key moments in a patient's journey.

    If you have specific questions please ask away! Have a great day!
  • Miguel Ottaviano
    Miguel Ottaviano Member Posts: 13
    Thanks, Tanya!
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