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I decided to apply for anesthesia provider/assistant after Aug.2016. My english skills have been evaluated as upper intermediate. I would like to improve my "anesthesia english proficiency" befor I'll apply. I need to get some help from you (anesthesia provider/assistant) who can invite me to your english speaking miljeu/operating theater for some language practise. I have been a consultant anethetist in Danmark last 10 years (I'am Polish,47y.old) and I can easy take a flight to London and be there up to 5 days.



  • BrianBarkiBrianBarki Member Posts: 7

    My name is Brian, and I am the anesthesia supervisor on board.  We require our crew members to be fluent English speakers, as that is the working language of the ship.  This becomes extremely important in the operating room, as we need to be able to communicate clearly to one another when taking care of patients.  This becomes even more critical in emergency situations.  

    If your English is not adequate, then you will need to find ways to improve it before applying.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide opportunities to teach people English.  I hope this answers your question.  Thank you for your interest in serving!    

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