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Indemnity cover and working Visas

Hi, it going to be my first time with Mercy Ships as a dentist early next year!

Do I need to inform my indemnity or the GDC about volunteering with Mercy Ships?

Also, I have not seen anywhere mention about a working visa, how do I go about getting one?

I'm new to this sort of volunteering.

Best wishes




  • Hi Tim, 

    Welcome to the Community and thanks for joining! in answer to your questions about indemnity, Mercy Ships operates in a host country pursuant to a protocol in which host government agrees to hold harmless all Mercy Ships staff and volunteer medical providers (including physicians) based on due diligence by Mercy Ships to provide qualified providers and that negligence is not involved. Furthermore, legal councel advises that suits brought outside of the host country are a possibility in our increasingly litigious world. Each medical provider should check with their own insurance carrier as to their exposure that results from volunteer international activities. Mercy Ships is looking into options to provide this but at this time is unable to offer any malpractice insurance for volunteer medical workers.

    To answer your questions about work Visas, you will not need to acquire one. your placement facilitator will send your immigration documents closer to your arrival date. I would encourage you to look over the travel section of Volunteer Guidebook that was sent you by your placement faciliator, but you can also find the same information here:

    Thank you for your willingness to serve!  

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