ER Nurse looking for some guidance

Hi there! I am seeking some guidance in this application process. I have worked as a nurse in the ER for 3 years now and work with everything from the pediatric to geriatric community. I see and care for everything from simple scrapes and bruises, to large lacerations, to surgical patients, to the critically ill patients. I have a heart for pediatrics and know there is an urgent need for PICU nurses, however, I dont know if I have the skills to work there. If there are any current or previous PICU nurses here or even medical staff who I could speak with that could help direct me in where you think I may be utilized best, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!


  • Jared ChaconJared Chacon Member Posts: 33 - Alumni
    Hi Amber,

    I'll get our medical recruiter Craig to help you out with this one!

  • DeborahLoudenDeborahLouden Member Posts: 11

    Did you get the help you were looking for? I am working in the wards at the moment and have been for the past 5 years so if you have questions that are still unanswered I might be able to help :)

  • Emily BryantEmily Bryant Member Posts: 1
    I have the same question! I am very interested in serving, but I am not sure where my skill set from the ED would be best utilized since we see just about everything...ICU, PACU, Ward, PICU etc. I would love any and all feedback from the medical perspective on what those units look like on the ship. Thanks!
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    Thank you for opening your heart and considering serving with Mercy Ships. In reference to the best utilization of ED Nurse, we have skills checklist for PICU, ICU, PACU and Ward that will help you determine the position you are comfortable in serving.   Please feel free too reach out and email: [email protected] and I will email you the skills checklist

    What are the nursing responsibilities on the ward?


    You will care for 5-7 patients of varying acuity on a day or evening shift. On a night shift, you will care for approximately 10 patients. We have a busy surgical ward, so you will care for patients with simple incision lines and more complicated skin graft dressings, surgical drains, NG tubes, urinary catheters, IV fluids, IV antibiotics, nasopharyngeal airways and occasionally tracheostomies. When you arrive, you will be given the opportunity to tell us how comfortable you are with certain skills and this will be taken into consideration when you are allocated a patient assignment. We have an ICU where ICU nurses care for ventilated and critically ill patients.



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