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How to prepare for an It role on mercy ships

I am interested in volunteering for an IT role on the Africa mercy. However I am not really sure what to expect while on board. What is the day to day work for someone in IT on the ship? How can I best prepare myself so that I can offer the best support possible?

Can someone who has IT experience on the ship answer these questions for me?


  • heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Senior Director of Talent Acquisition Posts: 92 admin
    Hi Jonathan, I've asked that someone from our IS team respond to your questions, so you can hear it straight from them! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the meantime. 
  • HI Jonathan / Heather , 

    i am also interested to hear the IT team reply . Thanks 
  • AllyJonesAllyJones Posts: 114 ✭✭
    Hi Jonathan & Popaul,

    I used to work in the IT, or "Information Services" department on board the ship. A great department that everyone needs!

    We have a few areas that are supported by our IS department; customer support, systems/network administration & AV.

    An IS Support Specialist will assist mainly in responding to the needs of the crew who either need something fixed or provided. Some of this is practical, some is technical, requires a good understanding of Windows 7 (currently) networks with multiple users and requires some understanding of hardware. Good customer service is ideal as you can be troubleshooting with people all day!

    The systems/network side is way above my head, but our Systems Administrator works tirelessly to maintain the network & constantly makes improvements in how it all works. He also heads up hooking us up with Wifi all around the ship! A bit of a challenge with metal walls!

    Typically these positions work in normal business hours, though some evening & weekend work is needed at times.

    And the AV stuff is focused on our sound & audio setups in our conference rooms, and our satellite TV system on board. For this position we look for someone who is technically gifted with audio visual equipment to support our Community Meetings & conferencing equipment. This may require training people how to use our equipment and working a little bit more outside of business hours than others.

    Hope that helps,


    AFM Director of Human Resources
  • Hi Ally

    Can someone who has worked on a mainframe (Cobol, JCL, DB2 etc) for most of their career, be of use on the ship?  You probably don't even though what these are?  :)

    ps.  would be willing to be trained .....

  • Hi Marvin

    I work here at Mercy Ships in the IS department. We do our best to provide as much of the systems and process work here from East Texas. Our employees here are typically IT systems workers, programmers, business analysts, and project managers. On the ship, the majority of the work is break-fix work and documentation. We are always looking for people who have experience in problem-solving desktops and laptops, both hardware and software. Also, AV specialists. We have a lot of AV technology, with our international community.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks so much for the reply

    This helps

  • Thanks for the question, i have been waiting for someone to answer this for me but i got here and i saw it. Kudos!

    I have applied for the role of IS Support Specialist and i am eagerly waiting to come on board and contribute my quota to serve humanity and divinity has laid down.
  • ZachParkerZachParker Posts: 5
    Miss you Jonny!
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