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Australian Mercy Ships Volunteers

Are you an Australian heading to the Africa Mercy to volunteer your time and skills? Are you already on board? We'd love to get to know you more, and help you get to know each other. So tell us about yourself!


  • Hi . I'm interested in volunteering  as reg nurse
    ward work for mercy ships Madagascar but haven't sorted my dates
    for next year yet or seen any times when volunteers r required.
    I  joined ywam medical ship in papua New Guinea june 2015 this
    year for 3 weeks mainly giving immunizations and assisting drs
    & assisting with exercise classes for locals. I loved working
    with the locals , dancing with the children , going to remote
    villages and working hard.   Hope to s u in Madagascar
    some time. ..... or even back in East Africa. Africa took my heart
    in more ways than 1 when I was married in Zululand many yrs ago. I
    love the medicine of tne tropics which lead me to gain a master's
    in publuc health and tropical medicine.

    Cheets kerrie

  • Hi Kerrie, I volunteered on the Africa Mercy 2013 for approx 5 weeks as a welder on my way back to Aus, all I can say is go for it , great people, took the opportunity to watch two procedures and have the greatest respect for that side of life, Wednesday night is a bonus as you can listen in on a slide show of procedures,
    I was looking to return in the coming months but have torn a tendon running over the top of the shoulder so I'm out of action for a few months now but will return 2016 I hope,
    Go on the site and you will see all the positions required and when,
    Good luck , if you need any more info let me know

    Regards David

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  • Hi Kerrie,

    Thanks for your message. We'd love for you to join Mercy Ships! We don't have any Ward Nurse positions available during our current field service in Madagascar, but have positions available from August 2016 onwards. The minimum commitment is two months and more information can be found at Please let me know if you have more questions!
  • Thanks so much David. I'll c how I go. I've  been
    advised 2 mths is minimum but have heard from  2 sources now
    that shorter periods r accepted. I have some family commitments ..
    elderly treasures I have to keep an eye on.  Good on u.
    Volunteering is a great way to go. I loved my ywam png experience
    last June. Thnx for yr enthusiasm. Happy healing with the shoulder.
    Thnx for taking time to reply.  I'm in Turkey having just
    hiked 150-160 km of Lycian Way over 10 days .. great hike. Will
    look at web site when I rtn home in a few fays. Just awaiting flt
    from Dalaman to Istanbul. Cheers Kerrie

  • It seems you get around quite a lot Kerrie , does that YWAM take non medical volunteers ?
    Once the shoulder is done i would like to see another part of the world that is close bye,
    How do I contact them?
    I'm sure if you wanted to go to Madagascar for a few weeks it would be ok, if like me once your there they may offer to extend your stay as the time does go quickly but in my case I was on my way to give my daughter away at her wedding so I could not stay but keep that in mind if your plans change,
    Always wanted to try hiking, love camping and done most of Europe on a Harley with a tent , that's hiking with a B
    On a farm in the UK at the moment volunteering through Helpstay do you know of it

    Regards David

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  • Yes ywam take non medical volunteers. Engineers
    coxwains men to drive zodiacs & help  the 1st & 2nd
    mate.. also to work on databases with optometry team.  Its
    Christian based but  respect everyones beliefs or non beliefs.
    I just went with the flow. I worked as an immunisation nurse. They
    r online and based out of Townsville.  U fly to png yourself
    & meet the ship. Its a cat & takes 100 volunteers so much
    smaller than mercy ships. I'm told mercy shipa developed out of
    ywam. Trips are short .. 8,10 days or the longer one I did for 3
    weeks.  I don't think the dates foe 2016 have been published
    yet. They have this new ship so r extending their range. They go
    where png govt assesses the need so we sailed to a lot of places
    where they hadn't been previoysly. ALOTAU to Lae visiting 22 remote
    villages in between.  4 DRS Aabout 12 nurses one optometrist
    & 1 dentist & maritime staff & community engagement
    team & kitchen & cleaning staff. 2/CABIN with en suite. One
    operating theater just newly fitted for small cataract surgeries
    mainly. Youth with a mission.. ywam. U can apply on line for next
    year. Great bunch of young people.

    Hope this helps


  • Thanks Kerrie I will contact them ASAP when I get back and have a chat,

    Regards David

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  • emily123emily123 Posts: 4


    I am Emily and I will be joining Africa Mercy in 5 days. Anyone from Australia coming at this time as well? I am a dental Nurse. 😀

  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 182 admin


    Hi Emily!

    I've looked over our Dental Team staffing plan, and unfortunately, it doesn't appear there will be any others from Australia serving while you are there. That's too bad, but I'm certain you will have a wonderful time connecting with our other volunteers.

    Thank you for serving! I hope your time in Senegal will be very rewarding.

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