Crew Life During Covid?

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Hi all! I'm curious what life is like for those already serving through the pandemic?


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    I can only pass on my husband's answer as I did not serve myself recently.

    Right now, there is a warmly connected community life that welcomes newcomers. Most volunteers work 40-45 hours a week, each in their own specific role. During the pandemic we have experienced shortages in departments and volunteers may be asked to help out, based on their personal qualities and wishes.

    From the ship's current location there are a few location within a radius of 15km where part of the crew is able to go to. Due to applicable local restrictions, part of the crew has also been ship-bound for a long time, which frankly was not easy for them. Fortunately we have the prospect of lifting of the restrictions.

    About spending time off; There are various initiatives (depending on crews input) such as daily bible studies, worship group, game nights, possibility to join a group of runners in the mountains, music is being made and there is boxing and other sports that any crew can participate in. Bring yourself and your own passion and share it with others. That's what makes the crew's life :)

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