Serving with Family

I've called and left a message with HR, as well as sent an email - but I wanted to follow up here because I know a lot of people aren't physically within these departments and I need to know what to do for school.

Are there particular service specialties that qualify for service with family? I am an OR Nurse wanting to serve long-term (1-2 years) with my family, but am unsure if my specialty qualifies for family service. I will be completing my Masters in Nursing Education after 15 more credit hours, and so also qualify to serve as OR Educator for the 2 year minimum service requirement.

Does anyone know whether either of these positions allows for family service? If not, then I may just continue with school and complete my doctorate. Thank you!


  • SarahBurdette
    SarahBurdette Member Posts: 38

    Anybody? Can't seem to get a response on this. Thanks.

  • AliCupp
    AliCupp Moderator Posts: 41

    Hi @SarahBurdette,

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Mercy Ships and for your desire to serve with your family!

    I work primarily with our Technical volunteers, but I would love to help put you in touch with our Medical Recruiter, Sheryl. Could you send me an email at [email protected] with your contact information for me to hand over to her so that you two can connect and she can address your questions?

    Thank you!


  • SarahBurdette
    SarahBurdette Member Posts: 38

    Thank you for your reply @AliCupp! I'll send you an email right now. I have called and left messages with HR, and emailed twice but can't seem to get a response from anyone. I appreciate you connecting us!

  • IrmaNoort
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    Hi, you may have the answer in the meantime,

    Yes, is the answer to this question "Are there particular service specialties that qualify for service with family?"

    Positions that qualify for a family cabin can be found on our opportunities website here. The narrowing of the information to positions to expertise can be done under skillset. I hope this is helpful for anyone else who is looking for an answer to this question.

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