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Good evening all,

I'm currently going through the application process to serve with Mercy Ships as an electrician. I'm hoping to hear from any one that has served or is currently serving in this position.

Currently I'm employed as a Senior Electrical Techncian on a fixed offshore oil & gas production platform in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. Although I don't come from a marine background, I'm hoping the skills I've gained through the oil and gas industy are transferrable to serve as an electrician in a marine vessel enviroment with Mercy Ships.

What type of work scopes are required to be completed by the on board electricians and will my current skills be beneficial to the electrical department?

In my current role I carry out preventative/corrective maintenance routines on the following system's.

- Operation, synchronisation & maintenance of the platforms 3 main 6.8kw gas turbine driven generators

- Maintenance of the platforms Gutor 240vac & 110vdc UPS systems

- Testing and inspection of the platforms DOL motor control cubicles and on the 6.8kv & 440Vac 3 phase induction motors.

- Tesing, inspection and installation of 440V/240Vac small power circuits.

Thanks in advance of any information and hope to serve with Mercy Ships soon.


Dave Beattie

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