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Just wondering if anyone has used Travel Hacking/Credit Card Churning with Aeroplan Miles for flights or flight redemption and if that was allowed?




  • an.carson
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    Hi Ruthy,

    I've attached our most recent travel policies and procedures for you to look over. Typically the use of personal air travel points for all or part of the travel arrangements is considered inconsistent with this policy. That being said, in exceptional cases, the situation will be reviewed by our Executive Director. Key travel is not able to redeem air miles or aeroplan points towards tickets, however they can add your aeroplan number to the airline record so you can get more points. We also have our discount with Brussels Airlines that I hope you've read about!

    Crew members are able to make their flight arrangements directly with the carrier(s) of their choice for any level of service they require beyond economy-class airfare, however, you would then be directly responsible for making your flight arrangements and for the full financial costs and associated risks (cancellation, delay, etc.). At the end of the day, we want to ensure your safety, but also support you in making the best decision for you and your family's situation.

    I'm always happy to further discuss so please let me know if any other questions arise!



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  • RuthySiemens
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    hi An

    Thanks for the info. Sorry I just saw this message now.

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