Is it possible to combine volunteering onboard and care for my children?

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In a few months, my wife will have enough experience to qualify for a long term (>= 2 years) medical role. For this role, it is possible to apply for a family cabin and thus come as a family. Let's suppose our three children are all in schooling age (they will be 4 years old and up). I was thinking about the possibilities for me as spouse of a physician. I have read all information on the Mercy Ships website, and have found out that if you are a family, it is not desirable that both parents apply for a full time job.

But I cannot find any information what I can do. Of course I should take care of the kids, but there will be plenty of time left to contribute to the great work of Mercy Ships when the kids are in school (or in evening hours etc). Is there any information available which roles can be done part time / combined with the care for your own children? More specific, is it possible to apply for any of the following roles in this situation:

  • Engineering administrator
  • Head receptionist
  • HOPE Center Facilitator
  • Patient Transport Coordinator
  • Sales manager

I would appreciate some help in my search! Thanks in advance!


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    Dear Johannes,

    Thank you so much for your question! My name is Petra Blom and I work as the Family Volunteer Coordinator for Mercy Ships.

    We have a variety of roles available for Primary Caregivers (PCG) and these are all tailored into the skills of the volunteer and the needs on the ship. Once on the ship, our HR team onboard will work with the caregiver on finding a good fit, where the PCG can work in his/her skill-set and make a difference onboard within the hours he/she is available.

    Some of the 'extra' positions that have been filled bij PCG's are Administrative Assistant roles in different departments (Communications/Academy/Purser/Transportation/HR etc.), Ship shop volunteer, Librarian etc. These positions are not fulltime and are not on our website.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. Looking forward working with you once your family is ready to apply!

    Petra Blom

  • linnemichelle
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    Petra -

    We are in the process of applying as a family for as soon as this summer and I would love to speak to you since you are the family volunteer coordinator. What is the best/quickest way to reach you?

    Thanks, Linne

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