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If a man had a laminecktomy operation which now affect his walking/his gait be corrected?

My name fatoki mayomi.I am 49 years old,I am happily married.I am a civil servants.7 years I had a cervical spine operation( laminecktomy) some bones were removed from my neck area due to an accident.(c3,c4 and c5 bones)I noticed that after the operation,walking became a problem.and when I tried to walk I usually have gait issues.I usually have spasm,cramps and severe general body pains.

Please mercyships can this be corrected,and how can you help me for I am a poor civil servants.

Your sincerely,

Fatoki mayomi.


  • 1971jesuloni711971jesuloni71 Posts: 2

    I have seen many helps giving to those who has no hope of living again in life and how their hopes comes alive again through mercyships .

  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Posts: 35 - Current Staff

    Dear Fatoki,

    We are sorry to read that you are experiencing some physical issues. Unfortunately, we do not do any spine surgeries as a part of our surgical program. Although we are not able to provide the answers which you are seeking, we do hope you will be able to find a healthcare professional who specializes in spines and/or a hospital who can assist you.


    Dawn Crowther

    Surgical Staffing Manager

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