If a man had a laminecktomy operation which now affect his walking/his gait be corrected?

My name fatoki mayomi.I am 49 years old,I am happily married.I am a civil servants.7 years I had a cervical spine operation( laminecktomy) some bones were removed from my neck area due to an accident.(c3,c4 and c5 bones)I noticed that after the operation,walking became a problem.and when I tried to walk I usually have gait issues.I usually have spasm,cramps and severe general body pains.

Please mercyships can this be corrected,and how can you help me for I am a poor civil servants.

Your sincerely,

Fatoki mayomi.


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    I have seen many helps giving to those who has no hope of living again in life and how their hopes comes alive again through mercyships .

  • DawnCrowther
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    Dear Fatoki,

    We are sorry to read that you are experiencing some physical issues. Unfortunately, we do not do any spine surgeries as a part of our surgical program. Although we are not able to provide the answers which you are seeking, we do hope you will be able to find a healthcare professional who specializes in spines and/or a hospital who can assist you.


    Dawn Crowther

    Surgical Staffing Manager

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    Dear Fatoki,

    My name is Geoff Ndeto. I am a consultant anesthesiologist and a Pain Medicine consultant here in NJ USA. I Practice Pain medicine as well as anesthesiology and treat lots of patients with your condition. What you have is failed surgery syndrome which results from failed spine surgery and the following are the options I offer my patients -

    • They can seek consultation with spine surgery so as to see if repeat surgery is an option for them . Repeat surgery can correct the pathology leading to improved functionality.
    • Some times , repeat surgery may not be an option in which case then non surgical treatment options come into play. These would for most part include medication management ( pain medications etc) , targeted spine pain injections etc . These services would be provided by Pain Medicine physicians and can very well lead to good pain control with restoration/improved function .
    • Simply put Fatoki, I would highly recommend that you explore the above options and would hope that any teaching hospitals would easily have the above treatment options for you. Good luck.
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