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Hello! I am looking at volunteering currently, and I have submitted my application. However, getting flights to any place outside of the country is hard as many countries do not want people from the US in their countries. Do you have any advice on how to get to the Canary Islands right now?


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    Hello Lindsey,

    ... advice on how to get to the Canary Islands right now?

    You might seek a private yacht bound for CI. There are Web based services for crew assembly. google.

    Be sure you have landing privilege before leaving. Visa? You don't want to arrive in the harbor and find that you are not allowed to transfer to the ship.

    Regards, ... P.

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    Thank you! What type of Visa do you get to go to Mercy Ships?

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    ... What type of Visa do you get to go to Mercy Ships?

    Depends upon your nationality. Therefore check with the staff in your national office. Give them a call.

    Physically at least, transfer from one vessel to another without setting foot ashore is possible. Nevertheless be sure your passport and visas are in order before leaving. Probably most countries require customs and immigration clearance before anyone leaves an arriving vessel.

    Regards,                             ... P.

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    Just noticed you are in the US. The Garden Valley office can answer visa questions.

    A crewing service is at . A yacht leaving the east coast US for the Mediterranean might be able to drop you off at Tenerife. If interested in that route, apply on all the services you can find. Also evaluate timing to arrive before the A.M. leaves.

    Good luck, ... P.

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    Hi @lindsey.nj.20,

    Please get in touch with your Volunteer Coordinator on the latest advice regarding travelling to the Canary Islands. You shouldn't travel to the ship unless you have an acceptance letter, and we are constantly reviewing the safest way for our volunteers to travel. Please get in touch.

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    COVID-19 has created many difficulties in administration.

    Travel to the ship is just one step for a volunteer. The return trip also needs consideration. For example, suppose travel to Tenerife is arranged and you board the A.M.

    Then suppose the ship moves to a coastal city of Africa with you aboard. Few yachts sail from the west coast of Africa to the US. So air travel is likely the only feasible mode for return to the US. With air travel curtailed a flight home might be difficult to find.

    The administration has all of this to consider.

    Regards,                    ... P.

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    Hi again,

    I asked a pilot friend about air transport from North America to Tenerife. At one time, Tenerife was a refueling stop for trans-Atlantic flights. Direct flights from N. Am. to Tenerife were easily found. That's no more. He didn't say why but I'd guess that, for contemporary aircraft, one hop to Europe without refueling is economical now.

    Consequently, unless you happen to find an unusual flight, the trip will require a transfer in Spain or Portugal or elsewhere in Europe.

    Travel on a sailboat has two advantages. Minimal ecological detriment; a jet aircraft burns an enormous quantity of fuel.  Secondly, appropriate quarantine procedures with a small crew on a sailboat can minimize risk of infection with the virus.

    In any case, details should be sorted with Mercy Ships before leaving home.

    Regards,                               ... P.

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