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In the talent pool and then....?

Hello everyone,

I'm just sooooo enthousiastic and curious about the time it takes to hear something back about when I can/may serve. Do I hear it if there aren't any vacancies or do I have to wait weeks/month before I can hear something? Also....if there aren't openings for the job I applied, do they tell me that also?

I'm in the Talent Pool and I wonder how long it can take before I hear something back. I had emailed my volunteer coordinator, but unfortunately I don't get a respons back.

That's why I want to ask it here.

Thanks forward. Have a great weekend,

God bless & I hope to meet you soon,



  • ShelleyModisetteShelleyModisette Operations Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 61 - Current Staff

    Hi Erika,

    Congratulations on being pre-qualified for our Talent Pool! The role you are qualified for does have a larger waiting list, and as much as we'd like to plug all of our qualified volunteer in right away, it could take some time. If an opening becomes available we will pull from this list, but currently there are no openings until at least January 2021.

    We thank you very much for your patience, I know the waiting can be difficult. We appreciate your desire to volunteer with us, and hope we can welcome you aboard in the not to distant future!


    P.S. I'll be sure to ask your Volunteer Coordinator to respond to your message in the applicant portal as soon as possible.

  • Posts: 7

    @ShelleyModisette Thanks a lot. I have done that and received a notice that someone backed out and now there is a opening in May.

    I asked my boss today and now wait for an answer.

    That God may do what is good. If it's His will that I go then I pray that doors will open or else I will go later.

    God bless,


  • georessegeoresse Posts: 7

    Hi Erika . I've been becomed afraid when I read your story. Please I don't want to be like you Erika I've been also pre-qualified at Mercyship as volunteer. Please RH manager make my situation easy . If my role is still so busy please tell me.Georesse ketchemen may God bless mercyship crew

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