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Will you be joining our Marine crew as an Engine Rating?

Onboard the Africa Mercy we bring about change and influence healthcare in Africa. 

Do you believe that access to safe and timely surgery should be a basic human right and not just a privilege afforded to a select few? 

Did you know that you can use your maritime background to join in bringing waves of change across Africa? 

Will you be joining us? 

Currently we are recruiting for Engine Ratings to join our volunteer crew. 

If you would like more information on how to become a volunteer onboard the Africa Mercy send me a message or email me at


  • abayelimeabayelime Posts: 3


    I'm just so enthusiastic and curious about the time it takes to hear something back about when I can or may serve.

    I'm in the Talent Pool for the Engine Hand Position willing to join for the Engine Ratings any moment from the word go. I wonder how long it can take before I hear something back.

    God bless & I hope to meet you soon.


  • tchouangtchouang Posts: 3


    I'm ngassam tchouang Michael and I am now located inside the talent pool as engine hand poasiton willing to join for the Engine Ratings at any moment

    My wish is just to serve and I am still waiting for and opportunity to bring my own support as marine engineer to the organization.

    I ll not end this without encourage and congratulate all mercy ships crew members for the great job that they're doing in the world specially at this time where covid19 can't allowed things to move as well.

    God bless & I hopped to meet you soon.

  • AliCuppAliCupp Posts: 17 - Current Staff

    Hello Abayalime and Michael,

    Thank you both for your willingness to volunteer with Mercy Ships in our engineering department!

    At this time, our Engine Hand position is fully staffed. Those accepted to the Talent Pool will be notified when there is an upcoming vacancy in the role, so be sure to check your Message Center for updates. If you have any questions, please contact your Volunteer Coordinator or you may reach me at [email protected]

    Together we can bring hope and healing!

  • tchouangtchouang Posts: 3

    hallo Alicupp

    I am ready to join the crew as engine rating please if there is an opportunity let me know because i am good to go

    thank you

  • AliCuppAliCupp Posts: 17 - Current Staff

    Hi @tchouang,

    I responded to your email with more information, if you have any further questions at this time please let me or your Volunteer Coordinator know.

    Thank you!

  • georessegeoresse Posts: 7

    Hi . me too I'm in talent pool. I would to know why it's still taking a lot a time . Am so tired. If you have another position in engineering department please tell me I would to change. I was pre-qualified at engine hand post. But now that post it's not available. Mercyship don't allow somebody to choose two post when you apply as volunteer. Please tell me if you have any post free in the engineering department. I've so knowledge in mechanical. I've advance level in mechanical I also have marine engine mechanic. Am available any time. Sorry for my grammar am French man. God bless you

  • AliCuppAliCupp Posts: 17 - Current Staff

    Hi @georesse ,

    I just sent you an email regarding your interest in serving in other positions and your Talent Pool status. Please respond to my email or contact your Volunteer Coordinator with any questions, we will be happy to assist you.

    Blessings to you!

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