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COVID-19 Crew Care Plans

heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Director of StaffingPosts: 94 admin
edited March 5 in Ship-Bound

Note: This plan will be adapted and expanded as we get more details.

The health and welfare of our crew are our top priority. Our Crew Physician and Infection Prevention and Control Nurse have developed a care plan for crew in case of a respiratory virus - particularly COVID-19. More information can be provided once you're onboard.


The recently identified novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents with symptoms like the common cold, including: Sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, chills, and fatigue.  Other symptoms could include shortness of breath or those typical of Influenza virus, such as fever, headache, dry cough and muscle aches.          

If you feel you may have a respiratory virus infection:

Remain in your cabin to reduce spread unless advised otherwise by crew clinic.

Get plenty of rest and drink fluids.

Remember, you are contagious for several days before you begin to experience symptoms up through 1 to 2 weeks after your symptoms begin, depending on the virus.

The Crew Clinic is there to advise and care for you.

You may be placed on modified cabin isolation, which means you can go get your meals IF wearing a mask and washing hands with soap and water before leaving cabin and washing with hand sanitizer in the dining room line, then returning to your cabin immediately.

Tips in case of illness:

           > AVOID all public places on the ship (including Café, Midship, Ship Shop)

           > You may go on the upper deck to get out, but wear a mask

           > Wear a mask when out of cabin or in multi-berths when roommates are present  

           > Wash your hands frequently; use soap & water, & hand sanitizer

           > Wipe down surfaces with sanitizing wipes or solution frequently

Do you have any questions? Please add them to the comments below and we'll make sure they are answered right away.


  • TerriMooreTerriMoore Posts: 10

    These measures seem inadequate to me. Corona virus is proving to be very virulent. But there is probably not much hope of containing the spread on the ship anyway.

    I would have thought that if any person in a multi berth cabin has symptoms, then everyody else in that cabin would need to go into isolation until test results are back, and personally, I think that going to the dining room to collect meals is out of the question.

    You also do not mention what people should do if they feel unwell, other than stay in their cabin.

    Report to the crew clinic - in person? by phone? And what is the protocol then? will they be tested?etc

  • heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Director of Staffing Posts: 94 admin

    Hi @TerriMoore ,

    Containment in a close community is always a challenge! The plan above was adapted from the influenza A care plan, which was actually quite effective during a recent "outbreak" onboard.

    Yes, crew feeling poorly should make an appointment with the crew clinic and will be tested. We'll be adding on to the care plan above as we get more details from the crew clinic. Thank you for your feedback!

  • talondoratalondora Posts: 1

    It's very hard mentally to be isolated for more than a week. I agree that with proper precautions, including a mask, that one should be allowed to get out of the cabin for very brief periods. This is not the plague. Influenza is much more dangerous. As there are different strains of the flu, so there are with different strains of Corona Virus but there's no need to panic. Most of the deaths are from the elderly who suffer from multiple diagnosis's. The young, recover as a rule, following fluids, isolation, nutrition and anything the dr. wants them to have to reduce fever.

    The media is irresponsibly hyping this up. Shame on them!

    In my place of employment, I am an Infection Control Nurse. I support heatherpeterson's protocols.

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