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Staffing timing question

Hi! We are wondering when the staffing decisions will be made for Liberia?

And then a general question, For the longer term positions that need the on boarding program in June to start in the fall, how much notification is usually given in order to do things like fundraising, changing leases, packing, etc. ?

thank you!

Elissa and Steve


  • ShelleyModisetteShelleyModisette Operations Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 61 - Current Staff

    Hi Steve,

    We are currently staffing for Liberia. Ideally, we prefer to accept families well in advance to provide several months (4-6 or more) for all of the necessary steps you mentioned in your post. Of course, this can vary depending on staffing needs. Sometimes there are unexpected openings that pop up with only a few months lead time, which can cause a bit of a time crunch.

    We understand that families often require additional preparation time, and are sensitive to this. We want each family's experience to be the best it can be during an already stressful transition, and will do everything possible to minimize bumps in the road.

    This is one reason why we have a new Family Volunteer Coordinator dedicated to walking families through the application and acceptance process. Her family lived on board for several years, so she has first hand knowledge of what it's like to transition into ship life. I can see in the Portal that you've been in touch with her, and I know she'll take good care of your applications - whether it's for Liberia or in a future field service.

    Hope this helps answer your questions,


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