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Introducing myself

sasha_92sasha_92 Navigational Second OfficerPosts: 6

NAMASTE everyone 🙏

My name is Soshyant, you can call me Sasha :) and I'm from India.

Firstly, I would like to thank the team of Mercy Ships for their selfless devotion and efforts to help the people who are most in need. Your entirely altruistic act helps ensure the long-term sustainability of Mercy Ships mission to provide humanitarian aid and care for terminally ill patients. By doing so, you are bringing good karma to yourself and your family.

I am an experienced navigational officer working in maritime industry carrying potentially dangerous cargoes such as crude oil, liquefied gases and various hazardous chemicals worldwide. I'm motivated to follow orders and I have enjoyed every task given to me throughout my previous roles as a trainee and as a Navigational/ Safety Officer. My experience working worldwide with different ethnic groups and cultures have allowed me to develop a strong understanding of the importance of appreciating and respecting discrete beliefs and ideas, efficient marine operations and support safety standards on board.

I've chosen Mercy Ships, because I want to give something back to an organisation that has made a difference to the people around them. I want to use my professional skills and knowledge to benefit others and at the same time gain a whole new perspective of life through selfless service.

I'm currently sailing in Europe and Asia and I work on contract basis for about 5 months in a year. The remaining 7 months of the year I distribute my time and energy between my lovely family and solo travelling. Being a sailor, you can say that I am a jack of all trades! Versatile and adept myself quickly to new environment. Therefore, I can make a successful addition to this organisation.

Lastly, I'm a great company to have around with lots of sailor stories to share if you want one :)

I am now accepted and kept in Talent Pool for further opportunities to serve on Mercy Ships. Hope I hear from them soon 🙏

God bless,



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