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Seeing Madagascar


My name is Kim Fielke and I am very pleased to have been accepted for a stint in the OT of the Mercy Ship in October. Prior to returning home after this, I would love to take advantage of the opportunity of seeing more of Madagascar and I imagine that there are many great pieces of advice just waiting to be given and would very much appreciate any suggestions as to how I could make the most of the 10 days after finishing on board..

I look forward to meeting an amazing group of people on-board and would be delighted to start contact with anybody that will be on-board in October from now. Any other great tips for life on the Ship would also be appreciated.




  • JoanneThibaultJoanneThibault Posts: 3
    Hello Kim;  

    Joanne here, formerly the Engineering Administrator on board and now returned to Canada where I volunteer with Mercy Ships Canada to help set up a Speakers' Network. What you can do with your 10 days post service will vary depending on your budget and how adventurous you are.

    Connect with April Mitchell, AFM Human Resources, who went with a few others on what is considered the ultimate Madagascar journey - to the Avenue of the Baobobs and the Tsingy Forest - on the west coast of the country. She can fill you in how they put their trip together. You'll also find many of your fellow volunteers who were on board the Africa Mercy in Madagascar last field service will have many travel options to tell you about. Sue Clynes in OR is just one person who has been on a few more weekend - long weekend outings - mostly with her husband John.  

    Madagascar travel guides, like the Bradt or Lonely Planet, are really good sources of ideas to help you get a sense of what you want to discover. Then it is just a matter of asking around. If you do want a travel buddy, start looking for someone who has the same end date as you. You can find this is the departures list that is posted on Navigator, the AFM intranet that you will get to know very well once you are connected (at some point before you get to the AFM, and definitely once you are on board). 

    AFM people connect a great deal through Facebook. If you are on FB you can friend me at joanne.mercyships and I'll suggest a few AFM friends for you who have also done traveling in Madagascar.

    Cheers and anything else I can help with, just let me know. Joanne 

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