Introducing myself

Hello everyone,

My name is Erika and I'm from the Netherlands.

I'm a primary schoolteacher, but have had a craft shop for 6 years (2011-2017). At the end it didn't go that well, so I had to quit the shop. My parents-in-law told me that we should talk at the first of September. They wanted to pay off the dept of the bank. Of course very kind of them, but... it didn't felt good. So I pray to God. I said to Him that I know He can do all things, also bringing people to my shop, so that I get enough income to pay off my debt, the bills ánd the VAT. If the Lord came to help I told Him that I want to give something back in return.

In about 11 weeks after that prayer I earned 15.000 Euro's, which was more than enough to pay the bank, rent, VAT etc! God is só good! He's worthy to be praised! 🙋 That's the reason I give time back to serve Him.

I 've chosen Mercy Ships, because I first heard about it from Arjan & Alize van der Wolf who went to the same church where my husband and I were going. I loved their stories! I than started to donate and my love for Mercy Ships grew.

Right now I am teaching again. The principal of my school is standing behind my 'dream'.

I am now accepted and wait for some dates. Hopefully from august 2020 or so! 😍

God bless,



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