Luggage Query - suitable backpack.

Hi All

I am joining the crew in March, so very excited and getting things finalized as its not long now!

I wondered if someone could tell me if the following bag would be workable for travelling to the ship - I know a duffel bag is suggested, this one is a soft back pack on wheels. I've attached a couple of piccys.

Its a Kathmandu Hyrid 50 or 70 L … don't want to get an unsuitable bag! I have watched a few vids that show a big of space to store the bag above the cupboard space.

Also Im not a heavy packer so open to suggestions from people who have come for a month - is smaller packing ok given that there are laundry facilities?

thanks so much and look forward to arriving in Senegal!



  • AndreaSchmid
    AndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Member, Moderator Posts: 213

    Hi Emma,

    That backpack looks like it would work perfectly.

    Lighter packing is actually a great idea, and as you say, there are laundry facilities. However, you do need to be sure to sign up early for those coveted laundry facilities. You also want to make sure you have a light jacket/sweater as it can be quite cool on the ship at times and/or in certain areas.

    So excited for you! Thank you for being one of our amazing volunteers, bringing hope and healing to Senegal!

  • jaxie_ryan87
    jaxie_ryan87 Surgical Volunteer Coordinator Member Posts: 21

    Hello Emma,

    I am so excited for your time serving with Mercy Ships! I am always available to you should have any other questions or concerns.


    Surgical Volunteer Coordinator

  • emlouburton20
    emlouburton20 Member Posts: 3

    Thank you Andrea and Jaxie :)

    I also am so very excited - sent off my pre flight paperwork and pinching myself that this time in 8 weeks I will have arrived on the ship! Amazing!

    Blessings to you both


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