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Anyone on my flight?

DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing ManagerPosts: 32 - Current Staff

For our accepted crew with upcoming dates to serve, some of you may wonder if there are any other volunteers on your incoming flight to the ship. Did you know that you can look on Navigator and view an arrivals list? This list will show you when each volunteer is arriving and on which flight they will be arriving.

When a volunteer is sent the Acceptance Letter via the Portal, their Volunteer Coordinator will assign some tasks to be completed. One task is to read, sign, and date the Staff Confidentiality Agreement. When that task is completed and the Human Resources team is able to enter it into the volunteer’s file, then he or she will have access to Navigator. This is our organization’s intranet where vital Mercy Ships information is shared and stored.

Later in the acceptance process, the Volunteer Coordinator will task you the Pre-Arrival form to complete and also ask you to submit a copy of your flight itinerary. After this information is received, and the Volunteer Coordinator in turn submits it to the Purser, then the incoming volunteer’s information will be added to the AFM Arrivals / Departures page.

To view the AFM Arrival And Departures list in Navigator, go to:

·        Operational drop down menu. Select Pursuer (AFM)

·        When on the Purser (AFM) Home page, select the link for AFM Arrivals / Departures from the Crew Information section.

·        Once on the AFM Arrivals And Departures page, there are three options/links. Select the middle option, Arrivals.

·        When looking at the Arrivals list, just scroll through the list to find your name; the list is in chronological order.

Thank you for serving with Mercy Ships! 

Together we bring hope and healing.

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