Anastasis last year

SteinAreVeumNilsenSteinAreVeumNilsen Member Posts: 2
I was 3rd officer onboard Anastasis from august 2006 until august 2007, and sailed ship to India. This was an amazing time, and since then I worked with GBA ships and also commercial. God blessings, Stein



  • AngieFadelyAngieFadely Moderator Posts: 20 - Current Staff
    Stein -- glad to connect with you again here!  I beleive my husband Jon and son Nick sailed with you to India as well!  from what I have heard, that was quite the trip!


  • AngieFadelyAngieFadely Moderator Posts: 20 - Current Staff
    Who else was on that trip?
  • PatrikBergstromPatrikBergstrom Donor and Volunteer Administrator Member Posts: 4
    I would have loved to be... even though it would have been hard in many ways...
  • SteinAreVeumNilsenSteinAreVeumNilsen Member Posts: 2
    It is some years ago since, so I only remember very few names, Harald Bowie Buverud(Norwegian), Trevor Haylock, Eric Thibodeau(Hope I spelled name correct) that is the ones I remember now.

    Since my time with Mercy Ships, I have sailed two years with OM/GBA, I was onboard Logos II and Doulos.

    I have been asked some times with Mercy Ships, and for several I have not joined yet.

    There is a new Mercy ship coming summer 2017, I have heard.

    God blessings,

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