Are you UK or Irish Crew?

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Hello from the UK office!

Did you know that you have two National Office rep's based in Hertfordshire in the UK. @RopaRusere and @HannahMulvihill are working full time to ensure your application and preparation process is a smooth as possible? We love hearing from potential crew so, please feel very free to reach out to us at anytime.

Ropa manages all enquiries about positions onboard, helps you find the best role onboard for your skill set and then helps you with your application form if needed. Her email is Would you like to serve onboard but you're not exactly sure which position you would be suitable for? Then contact Ropa!

Hannah is then available to help you prepare for your time pre and post service onboard. Do you have questions about your flights, what travel insurance to get, how to fundraise for your time onboard, what to wear onboard, what life is like on the AFM etc etc? Then feel free to get in touch. Hannah has worked onboard twice so knows how to support you through all the questions you may have. Her email is

We have attached the UK Crew Support Guidebook which we hope you will find helpful. Feel very welcome to email us or call anytime and we will ensure you feel supported during your service with Mercy Ships from application right through to coming home.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hannah and Ropa :)


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