Mar 2020 Peds ICU (ward RN)

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I havent seen many posts for 2020 yet but hope I can connect with some people who will be on board with me March-May 2020. I am a NICU travel nurse originally from Massachusetts and will be working in the pediatric ward on board :) I am super excited and equally as nervous! I will be on board for Easter and am excited about that!

I was wondering if anyone could explain what days off from work look like. How often are there groups that go off board? Are the arranged individually through groups or are there ship organized trips?



  • emmanuelemmanuel Dining room staff Member Posts: 2

    You are welcome Erin, though i am very new here, i wish you all the best as you be among those that will bring peace and hope to the world. God bless you

  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Moderator Posts: 35 - Current Staff

    Hello @erinkelley , Thank you for serving on the Africa Mercy in Senegal 2020. There are groups that will do activities off the ship. Sometimes they are arranged and other times are more spur of the moment, like going to the market or maybe out for lunch on a weekend. This could be with your cabin mates, co-workers, or other friends you make while serving on the the ship. Also, there are opportunities with Mercy Ministries that you can sign-up to do.

    "Mercy Ministries provides off-ship ministry opportunities for crew working alongside existing organizations demonstrating hope and healing to those who can’t be reached and helped through our on board services. Basically, these opportunities are open to all crew and guests (though not to day crew) here with Mercy Ships." This definition is taken from their page on Navigator. There is much more information about Mercy Ministries on their Home Page in Navigator. Log-in to Navigator to read the page.

    Together we bring hope and healing.

    Dawn Crowther

    Surgical Staffing Manager

  • HannahMulvihillHannahMulvihill Crew Support Coordinator Member Posts: 82 - Current Staff

    Hi @erinkelley , one more tip :) The best and easiest way to find out what activities are happening is to pop into the area called 'Midships'. Under the stairs in Midships there is a shelf which contains folders full of activities that other crew are participating in and have left space for others to 'sign up' to. It is mostly crew led and not organised by the ship per say.

    Your days off are your time so make sure you take full advantage to explore the local area in groups, go to the local market, beach, church, the Hope Centre. Its the very best way to get to know others and make life-long friendships :)

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    Congratulations Erin.........


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    Definitely check out the activities binder under the stairs across from the starbucks regularly! Things are added all the time as far as excursions/activities off ship. You gotta sign up quick, or they'll fill up. Also get to know your co-workers, day crew, and long-term volunteers. Often things are happening that you can join in on if you only are around to know about it! Ask around, see if anyone knows of things happening on your days off. Experiencing the country was simply amazing during my service in Guinea. I am so glad that I went to the islands and the local market. I was even able to eat dinner at one of the day crew's relative's restaurant with our little group that went out to the market with him as our 'guide.' I would definitely suggest utilizing the local day crew, they often run tours or trips off ship and use the money that it costs towards their crew fees.

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    Hi Erin!

    I'll be on the Africa Mercy from March - June 2020, too! I am an Adult Surgical ICU nurse from Michigan and will be a Ward RN on the ship. Look forward to meeting you!

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