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Introducing myself


My name is Andreas, I´m a 26 year old norwegian guy. I´m serving at the Africa Mercy for the very first time from 20th of October until 21st of December! I´ve had a dream of serving with mercy ships for many years, and I´m so happy (and a little scared) it is finally happening! I am a licenced social/medical worker, but this time I will work as a housekeeper - really looking forward to it! I´m really excited for the experiences that is ahead and all the people I will encounter!

Any tips for a first-traveller are very welcome :D


  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 213 admin

    Hi Andreas! It's so exciting that you will be serving onboard the Africa Mercy soon! I hope you have a wonderful, fulfilling time onboard. Thank you for helping to bring hope and healing to Senegal.

  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Posts: 35 - Current Staff

    @andreaskvale Hi Andreas, Welcome to myMercy! The team is looking forward to working with you on the Africa Mercy later this year.

    While I'm sure others have more travel tips, here are some:

    • Pack only what you can carry on your own (on my first international trip I packed WAY too much and could barely lift my bags)
    • Pack a pair of clothes in your Carry-On bag just in case your check-in luggage is delayed
    • Carry on your person the Senegal Entry Documents (these are sent to you by your Volunteer Coordinator)
    • Carry with you your vaccination booklet with proof of Yellow Fever immunization
    • For more ideas, you can also search 'Pack' and some other posts in myMercy will come up in the search area

    Happy Packing! -Dawn

  • CynthiaHarrisCynthiaHarris Posts: 40 - Current Staff


    Hello Andreas,

    You may have already found these videos under the 'pack' search option, but I believe they would be very helpful to give you a sense of living on-board. You seem to really have a heart for serving with Mercy Ships so I pray this will be an enriching time for you. Thank you for sharing your story!

    Cynthia Harris

    HR Administrative Assistant

  • CarolineKirchnerCarolineKirchner Posts: 35 ✭✭


    You will have a fabulous time on the housekeeping team. I worked on the housekeeping team for 6 weeks a few years ago and just had an amazing experience. My biggest tip is to intentionally eat at least one meal a day with someone you don’t know on the ship and get to meet new folks. And believe me, there are ALWAYS new people to meet on the ship! Make sure you look for the “pixie-like” AFM Academy kindergarten teacher on board. She, Beth K., is our daughter and is serving her third term on board.

    -Caroline Kirchner

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