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We are starting a new On Boarding this week at the IOC and as I was thinking about it yesterday, I wrote these words - 


Can You Smell It?

It's in the air and it's heading your way.....CHANGE!

Some people love it, some dread it and some are just ambivalent but when you come to Mercy Ships to prepare to volunteer - YOU WILL EXPERIENCE IT!!!

Just grasp it with both hands, hold on for dear life and revel in the joy of the Holy Spirit that fills you to overflowing as you realize how God can use you!

You won't just be reading about it anymore, you will be living it, breathing it, absorbing it...

And GUESS WHAT? You will change during the process in glorious, amazing ways that you never dreamed were possible, whether you want to or not!!  LOL!




  • KellyGrizzardKellyGrizzard Posts: 119
    What and encouraging and uplifting post.  Thanks Beth.
  • Hi Beth, like that alot, that for the words of encouragement, as for me i am still dreaming it my sister. What must i do to live it and how can you help me?laugh
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