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Are you joining the off-ship dental team in Senegal? If so, this post is for you!

We have received more details regarding the Dental Clinic Team House for this upcoming field service in Senegal. Please note that in addition to the details below, you should also receive a dental team manual two weeks before your arrival that will include more information.

Team House Location: Malika, approximately a 20-30 minute drive to the dental clinic and very close to the beach.

Team House Background: A Dutch missionary has a small complex with two houses. Mercy Ships is renting one house and the Dutch missionary lives on site in the other house.  

Team House Bedrooms/Bathrooms: The team house consists of 3 larger bedrooms that will each have 2 sets of bunk beds (sleeps 4 people). Each room is air conditioned. Senegal is much cooler at night than previous countries, but the AC is present if needed. The team house also has 3 bathrooms (each has a shower and toilet). One bathroom will be for men and the other two for women.

Team House Accommodations: Just like the ship, the team house will have towels, sheets, bedding, pillows, etc. for each volunteer. The site has an outdoor pool, basketball court (although the hoops are not in the best condition), very comfortable outdoor seating, and lots of outdoor space. Electricity at the team house is also pretty reliable. A washing machine for washing clothes/scrubs will also be available. Toilet paper is provided, but please bring any other toiletries you may require. 

Team House Food: Meals are provided. 

·        Breakfast most likely consist of cereal, eggs, toast, and yogurt 

·        Lunch is ordered ahead via a menu selection filled out at the beginning of the week and is served by a local restaurant. 

·        Dinner will be prepared at the team house by a local cook. 

·        Bottled water will be provided.

Internet: There will be internet available at the team house. It may not be as fast as what you are accustomed to, but it should be strong enough to check email, etc.

Plugs/Outlets: The plugs in the team house will be European style 220. There are a few adapters available in the team house and there are also some available for sale in the Africa Mercy Ship Shop. Note that in the bedrooms, power bars are available and are 3 hole European.

Airport runs: The dental team will be doing their own airport runs. Either a dental team member or a dental day crew member will pick you up at the airport and drop you off for departure. As usual, the driver will have a Mercy Ships sign and will know the names of the people they are picking up. Since the dental team is managing their own airport pick ups, please do not plan to arrive in Senegal later than 21:00.

Orientation: You will receive an orientation from the dental team at the dental clinic on Monday morning after your arrival.

Ship Visits: The plan is to make one scheduled visit per week to the ship. These will most likely take place on Saturdays. The ship can be well over an hour away, so please do not expect much ship interaction.

Security: The dental team leaders will be in contact with the ship's security people. Additionally, on-site security will be at both the dental clinic and the team house. The dental team will have a curfew similar to the ship. For those going into town, phones will be available for check-out at the dental team house.

Bank: The dental team will have money at the team house for crew if needed. All banking and paying fees will take place when visiting the ship on Mondays. On those days, the dental team will work a 1/2 day. This allows team members to change/shower after work, beat traffic, and still have time to visit the bank, etc. before dinner.

Scrubs: Scrubs will be provided and washed each day at the team house. 

If you have any questions that are not addressed above, feel free to reach out!

Looking forward,

Summer Rosenbalm

Medical Staffing Manager

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