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Introducing myself


My name is Jenna, I am from Winnipeg Manitoba. I'm excited and nervous to be on my first trip with Mercy Ships as ward nurse from Sept 1- Oct 26. I first heard about Mercy ships through a nursing classmate. After nursing 2 years with orthopedic trauma surgery in Winnipeg, I am excited to see health care in Africa!

Anyone else traveling out from Winnipeg on Aug 31?

Excited to meet and work with you guys!!

Jenna Olson


  • arreynekearreyneke Posts: 5

    Hi Jenna,

    Wishing u all the best in your first trip and would love to work with you and many others someday.

  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 122 admin

    @jenna.o. Hi Jenna! How exciting that you will be joining the Africa Mercy crew very soon! I hope all preparations go smoothly and that you will have an amazing time onboard.

  • ShelleyModisetteShelleyModisette Operations Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 41 - Current Staff

    Hi Jenna! Thank you for volunteering! We hope your time onboard is incredible!

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