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PACU/Recovery Room Nurse

My name is Caysi and I will be on board January 4-25th! This will be my first, of hopefully many, trips with AFM. I cannot wait! Would love any input of what a day in the life of the OR looks like and of a PACU nurse if anyone has any insight!


  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 202 admin

    @caysibones Thank you for being one of our amazing volunteers! I hope all goes well as you prepare to serve and that your time onboard is abundantly blessed.

  • LoriBreyLoriBrey Posts: 2 - Current Staff

    Hi Caysi,

    So happy to see you connected on myMercy. You will find some valuable information and connections with other volunteers on here. It has been a pleasure working with you through the application process. I'm very excited for you.

  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Posts: 32 - Current Staff

    @caysibones Hello! I noted in another post that I'm following -up on some info for you. @MelissaDavey was the PACU Nurse Team Leader last year and HERE is one post she made with some PACU info. Thank you for committing to serve with Mercy Ships! - Dawn

  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Posts: 32 - Current Staff

    @caysibones Hi Caysi, I had reached out to our OR Clinical Supervisor, @Merryl Hoey , and she sent me updated information on PACU.

    PACU can accommodate 4 beds. It is physically located with the OR department so full OR attire is worn. (scrubs, hat and ‘inside shoes’).

    Depending on the number of operating rooms being used, the PACU may be staffed by 3 or 4 nurses including the PACU team leader and a day crew as translator.

    Shifts vary and are allocated by the PACU team leader in consultation with the OR Clinical Supervisor – often looking at the length of planned surgeries the day before. Typically shifts either start at 9, 10 or 12 - however, this needs to be extremely flexible.

    Surgeries are planned for Monday to Friday – 8 – 5 pm, so PACU frequently work into the evening until patients are ready to return to the ward. Surgery is performed on both adult and pediatric patients – patient ratios in PACU are 1:1 with unconscious patients, pediatric patients and as necessary and PACU is always staffed with a minimum of 2 staff at any one time.

    All patients are assessed by an Anaesthetic Provider before returning to the ward.

    Patients come from the OR to PACU accompanied by the Anaesthetic Provider and an OR nurse, frequently with a day crew translator. Handover to PACU staff takes place in PACU.

    With pediatric patients and at times with adult patients as needed ( ie language interpretation), we do bring care givers into the PACU.

    All PACU staff participate in a weekly call roster, however, there is no PACU weekend call as the on call Anaesthetic Provider and the on call OR staff recover the patient in the OR.

    At times, patients may come to PACU preoperatively for local anaesthetic blocks and the PACU staff may be asked to assist the Anaesthetic Provider.

    Patient safety is at all times uppermost in our minds.

    Caysi, please let us know if you have additional questions and we will be happy to help. -Dawn

  • tael2019tael2019 Mr Posts: 12

    Hi, Wish you blessed days on board caysi

    You are blessed indeed!

    Abba father!

  • HI, Caysi!  My name is Paula, and I am also a PACU nurse.  I will also be arriving to the AFM on January 4! This will be my 5th trip, and my 2nd as a PACU nurse.  So we will definitely be spending some time together!  Where will you be arriving from? 

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