What to bring?

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Hi there,

I will be heading to Senegal as an outpatient nurse in just a few weeks and I am so excited! For those of you who have experience with Mercy ships - what is something you wish you had brought with you? Or what is something that you are so glad you brought with? I will be there for 2 months and thinking of all the things is tough! Haha. Thank you in advance!



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    l don't know anythting about , no experience

    l wish you a good journey there

    You are blessed indeed!

    Abba father!

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    I haven't experienced travel with Mercy Ships to date but I recently came across some resources that might be helpful to you:

    In reference to what clothes to pack – here is a link, the clothes packing starts about 15 seconds into video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peOC4wpRnog&t=1s

    This information below is from an Alumni Mercy Shipper; written to be helpful when packing to come as a long term volunteer. You definitely don't need everything on this list for a short time of service, but it might be helpful to you to see it and think about what your own needs are. 


    I hope these give you some guidance and generate ideas. Thank you for serving in bringing hope and healing. I hope you also get feedback from other volunteers!

    Cynthia Harris

    Administrative Assistant

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    @bscharrn Thank you for being one of our amazing volunteers! Cynthia sent you a couple of links to very helpful resources. If you have any further questions as you prepare to serve, please don't hesitate to post them.

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    Thank you so much for this information and encouragement :)

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    Hi, Bethany. I haven't been yet either, so can't answer your question, but I did want to touch base and see if you would be willing to make a post after you get there! I am also coming as outpatient nurse, but not until December. I would love it so much if you would post about your experience in that position and what things you took or recommend to take once you have been in the position for a bit. All the very best to you as you prepare for your trip, and I am sure it will be an amazing experience!

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    What practical and helpful suggestions, Tara! You have a very giving spirit thinking about what clothes you could bring to leave behind for others. :) And your gratitude and desire to give gifts to the day crew are very special. Thank you for your willingness to bring hope and healing in Guinea and I hope your Senegal service brings you even more joy!

    Cynthia Harris

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    Just in case others read this thread, I thought to post a response after my first few days.... I would really recommend bringing a second towel, and maybe a floor mat as the shower sometimes spills over if you don’t do it just right. 🤭 Also to note that they have a good supply of things in the ship shop, so things like deodorant and shampoo etc. you could get here rather than weighing out your bag with a huge stock. If you have room, a small blanket or throw is also handy. No need to bring books etc as they have an incredible library on board and the ship shop has journals and stationery too. We are so grateful that we brought some plastic containers for storing food as you can use the fridges and freezer in the crew galley, so it is very handy to have a few containers. Also there is a great second hand room where people leave things behind so you can often find extra magnets etc there. The ship is amazing and I wish you all well as you pack and begin your journey!

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    Thank you very much for posting these great tips from your experience onboard. I am thrilled you and Travis are loving it.


    Do people bring a tablet or laptop for home communication? So heavy to add to carry-on, but needed for emails and paying bills?

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    I have read through all these posts and haven't noticed anything about hairdryers (could've missed it). Can you bring your own or are they provided (like in hotel bathrooms). I know I would need an adapter but are they allowed on the ship?

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    @CarolVanVoorhis VanVoorhis

    Hello Carol; great question. Hair dryers are not provided on board but you may bring your own.. It does need to comply with electrical safety regulations. This information might be helpful for you:


    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Cynthia Harris

    HR Administrative Assistant

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    As we are in the cold(er) season now, I would recommend clothes that are warm enough. Socks, a sweater / pull over or some long sleeve light-weight vests.

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    What are the prices in the store? Are they significantly above the prices at home? Thanks for the answer

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