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Anaesthetic Nurse, Anaesthetic Assistant

Hi, I will be on-board from December 7th, would like to hear from other AA/AN about their experience and some information on Anaesthetic machine, Medications and general information for my preparation.


  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Posts: 35 - Current Staff

    Hello @PERMILADEVIRAM, we are grateful that you will be serving on the Africa Mercy later this year! I can help to answer some of your questions. FYI - about 2-3 weeks prior to your arrival, an anaesthetic orientation manual will be sent to from the OR Department on the ship. The OR Team is working to finalize the manual for the Senegal 2019/2020field service, but here is information copied from the Guinea 2018/2019 field service anaesthetic orientation manual.

    All Operating Rooms are equipped with a modern anesthetic machine.

    All operating rooms (and Intensive Care Units) are equipped with Mindray Monitors.

    Each operating room has an identical set up. Most of the equipment you will need is stored in the drawers of the anesthetic machine and in the Omnicell anesthesia workstation, including our supply of controlled drugs. To keep the new challenges for our staff to a minimum, we are not using most of the functions of the AWS. You will receive further details about the Omnicell workstation during your orientation.

    Basic Anesthesia Drugs

    This is not a complete list of the drugs available on board, but is a list of common drugs usually given during anesthesia.

    Premedication:                               diazepam, midazolam, oral paracetamol,ibuprofen

    See later for further guidance regarding premedication

    Induction agents:           propofol, ketamine, etomidate

    Muscle relaxants:           suxamethonium, rocuronium, atracurium

    Analgesics (iv):                morphine, fentanyl, tramadol &ketorolac

    Antiemetics:                     Use dexamethasone and ondansetron intraoperative as 1st line drugs

    Prophylactic Antibiotics:                             

    Use either 1st or 2nd generation cephalosporin:  cefazolin or cefuroxime +/- metronidazole

    For obstetric fistula surgery use single dose metronidazole 500mg and gentamicin 5mg/kg

    Things to Bring

    Shoes- Please bring your own OR shoes with you. They must be closed toe.

    Travel mug- no open coffee mugs or cups in the OR please. If you like something to drink at work, bring your own mug with a lid or purchase a KeepCup in the ShipShop (not always available).

    Scrubs - We will provide scrubs, but if you prefer, you can bring your own.

    Hats- We provide cloth and disposable hats, but you can wear your own as well.

    Safety glasses- We have safety glasses, but if you want you can bring your own

    Donations and Bringing Supplies

    Over the years we have developed our supply chain. We have many partners we work with to make sure our needs are met for the hospital. Space is very limited on the ship, so we are careful to balance what we need & how much we need so we don’t overwhelm ourselves.

     As such, we ask that individual donations are kept to a minimum. If you or your facility would like to partner with us, please email the Anesthesia Supervisor prior to your arrival. 

    Please do not bring any items (tubes, gloves, i.v. Catheters, trial items, etc.) without talking to us first.

    I hope that this helps to answer some of your questions. @Karen Binns has served with us many times as part of the Anesthesia team and she is on the Africa Mercy now. She may be able to add more info too. Thank you again for committing to serve with Mercy Ships. - @DawnCrowther

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