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After advice of what's it like as a Operating Room Sterile Processing Technician ?

rob_mcginleyrob_mcginley Posts: 2
edited July 2019 in Working Onboard - Medical

Hi all,

I'm an Australian Enrolled Nurse (with an ED background) looking to serve in some capability, preferably on the medical side of things after I got declined as an Outpatient Nurse (as you have to be an RN).

I am not sure if I qualify for Operating Room Sterile Processing Technician position and I am waiting to hear back from my placement facilitator. But I have some hope as the role description states Nurse can fill that role.

I was hoping someone could give any advice on what the role is like? Are you just in CSSD or are you in the OR's as well? If yes are you doing post op clean up or assisting some how during a procedure?

Im very keen to serve the needy and the Lord, some how with you Amazing Folks!



  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Posts: 32 - Current Staff
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    Dear Rob,

    Thank you for your desire to serve with Mercy Ships. Not sure if you have received a copy yet, but attached is the job description for the Operating Room Sterile Processing Technician role. The OR Manager or Clinical OR Supervisor can help to answer your questions, but they will not be back on the Africa Mercy until next week. I have asked if one of them can answer your questions when then return to the ship.

    In the meantime, if you have other questions please feel free to contact me. I'll be glad to help or connect you with someone who can answer your questions.

    Together we bring hope and healing.

    Dawn Crowther

    Surgical Staffing Manager

    [email protected]

  • rob_mcginleyrob_mcginley Posts: 2

    Awsome, thankyou very much Dawn!


  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Posts: 32 - Current Staff

    @rob_mcginley Hi Rob, I know you are considering another role, but I did want to share some information to answer the questions in your post about the Operating Room Sterile Processing Technician roles.

    The role is in CSSD - not helping clean the OR's at all or assisting in the OR. The sterilization department falls under the OR and is within the OR department.

    Washing, packing, sterilizing instruments for the hospital and the OR's - putting together specialty surgical instruments into trays. We need people with training, knowledge and experience with surgical instruments including endoscopes, how to clean them, care for them, knowledge of how to appropriately pack them for sterilization. -Dawn

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