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Share some of your experiences with Mercy Ministries

Hundreds of crew members - short and long term - sign up and join us with Mercy Ministries - visiting the HOPE Center, orphanage, children's home, prison, homes and schools for the disabled.  I oversee this area and thankful for the Mercy Ministries Coordinators in the past - Ines, Denise, Erica, Shelly, Andrea, and Mike (who just recently left) and the many crew who have participated and our many local partners.

Please share some of your experience with Mercy Ministries here on myMercy.


  • Some of my best memories of working on the ship come from working with Mercy Ministries.  Working with Missionaries of Charity in Liberia and Togo were amazing experiences.  It was great to reach out to the elderly or people with HIV/AIDS with love and making them feel special.  Also, the home for the handicap children in Liberia was a joy to be a part of; they are often still on my mind and heart, and I pray for them.

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