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Shoe covers

eddisonseddisons Posts: 5

Hi everyone

I know this is an odd question, but I am only planning on fetching one pair of running shoes to run/walk on the dock, Therefore, I am wondering if there are shoe covers available so that I can then use these shoes for work in the operating theatre?

I would kindly appreciate any advice on this subject.




  • SarahBurdetteSarahBurdette Posts: 32 ✭✭

    Yes, there are shoe covers. The day crew actually wear shoes belonging to the AFM that stay on board and are only worn in surgery when they come in and change. I brought shoes specifically for surgery, cleaning them before I came and then washing them with a scrub brush again before leaving, and covering them with shoe covers when I packed them with my things. It really didn't take up that much additional room, and I have a dedicated pair of shoes here at home for work - so I didn't change my practice while I was there. I had shoes for outside, and shoes for surgery. My suggestion is to pack an additional pair of shoes for work, but if you aren't able to, then there are covers provided that you could use for that purpose. Hope this helps!

  • eddisonseddisons Posts: 5

    Hi Sarah

    Many thanks for responding to my question, it is an option for me to bring a dedicated pair of shoes.

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