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Fundraising and Finance


My name is Bridget and I just received my official acceptance. I am very excited to be serving in Senegal as a dental assistant in December. I need to touch base with Michelle Wallace for finance information at this stage and I am not sure what the best way to do this is as I am new to the portal. Thank you :)



  • mitchelgmitchelg Engagement Coordinator Posts: 20 admin

    @bridgetm1993 Feel free to contact @MichelleWallace @ [email protected] or call at 903-939-7192 directly. She will be happy to assist! Hope this helps.

  • MichelleWallaceMichelleWallace Posts: 3

    @bridgetm1993 Hi there!

    I have reached out to you in the message portal with our initial financial questionnaire but please feel free to contact me at the info above you have any additional questions! Thank you :)

  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 85 admin

    @bridgetm1993 Thank you for being one of our awesome volunteers! I hope you have an amazing experience in Senegal.

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