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Gospel Sharing

Hello! A friend texted me this question, and I wasn't sure of the answer so I thought I would ask you all! 

Is the Gospel shared via spoken word (or written) with the Mercy Ships patients?


  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 92 admin

    @SarahLeffel Thank you for asking this question, Sarah. While we do not formally present the Gospel to our patients, as evangelizing is not our primary mission, we do share our faith with patients. If a patient agrees, we will pray with them. We give out Bibles to some patients as well. I hope this helps to answer your friend's question.

  • SarahLeffelSarahLeffel Posts: 19
    edited May 16

    @AndreaSchmid Thank you so much! Your answer is very helpful!

  • ShawnGibsonShawnGibson Posts: 10

    Check out the "Numbers you want to know" blog on Navigator from 14-May-2019.

  • SarahLeffelSarahLeffel Posts: 19

    @ShawnGibson I just checked it out, thank you!!

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