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On Boarding with kids

taracorytaracory Posts: 2

Hello, my family and I are considering serving with Mercy Ships and are in the research phase. I have a few questions about On Boarding Training. I am assuming we will bring our kids to training as its 6 weeks long.?What do kids do during training? Our kids are elementary school age. Secondly, I know training is $1700 a person, but do we pay that amount for each child as well? Thank you!



  • kyliebestkyliebest Posts: 12

    Hi @taracory,

    I'm Kylie, a Recruiter here at Mercy ships, and I'm happy to help!

    During the summer Onboarding training, kids are required to attend our Kids Onboarding Training. The following prices reflect the cost for kids participating in Onboarding:

    Ages 0-4: No charge for KOB

    Ages 5-18: Tuition- $345.00 plus KOB- $250.00 (please note that this is per child).

    @KarenRansone (correct me if I'm wrong!)

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email at



  • taracorytaracory Posts: 2

    Thank you so much!

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