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Crowdfunding Page

CarolVanVoorhisCarolVanVoorhis OR NursePosts: 10

I have been trying all day to edit my Crowdfunding page and I am not finding it easy! I finally know what I want to write on the page but I can't figure out how to insert it. Any pointers for me?

I also set up a fundraiser on Facebook but I don't know how those donations will be directed to my account.

Has anyone just recently done their page that could give me some pointers?


Carol VanVoorhis


  • ShawnGibsonShawnGibson Posts: 10

    Contact FinACE first thing in the morning. It looks like your Facebook fundraiser will take donations directly to Mercy Ships and not to your Crowdfunding page.

    You should have an email from FinACE that has a link that you can copy to your Facebook page in which your friends can give directly and tax deductible to you.

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