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A continuation of my first introduction

Well, may be I should continue my story when in May I first introduce myself.

I mentioned that my journey started when Dr. Emil, a pediatric surgeon, whom I work with, gave a lecture about the work of Mercy Ships. While hiding my tears listening to his warm and touching speech, the images and video reinforced my desire to serve abroad. Here, I am in Guinea serving for the first time since March 10 2019 and will be leaving June 1st.

The other beautiful opportunity was that Dr Emil and I along with his beautiful family, were serving at the same time here in Conakry for about one week. What a gift! Not long enough but it was so pleasant to have him and his family around while serving. He has done so much for Mercy Ships. His dedication is like a light of devotion!

Serving has been and it still touching me deeply every time I meet with patients or parents who are so appreciative of the attention we provide them with! I love them see dancing, smiling, laughing, eyes lit, hope and healing taking them out of darkness for most of them. (You've seen pictures)

I am grateful to the community here and their dedication to keep the community strong and alive.That gives me strength and a sense of grounding as Dr. Emil one says.

I am so fortunate to be where I am right now. I wish you the same and more on your journey!

Blessings to all and love,



  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 190 admin

    @CelineDLeger , reading your words brought tears to my eyes. It is such a privilege for me to play a small part in getting awesome volunteers like you to the ship to serve with Mercy Ships. Many blessings for the remainder of your service in Guinea and for your next service in Senegal!

  • CynthiaHarrisCynthiaHarris Posts: 29 - Current Staff

    @CelineDLeger , Thank you for the gift of your service and for your reflections as you ready to depart the ship. Your gratitude and excitement speaks volumes!

    Cynthia Harris

  • dimasammydimasammy Nr Posts: 4

    It is awesome to be in the midst of wonderful people like you. Putting in your best to ensure smiles on the face of others. I got to know of mercy ship through a health forum where i saw a post about its need for volunteers and because of the unending passion i have in taking care of others i made an effort to be here and i am grateful for your acceptance.

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