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What are acceptable flights to/from Senegal?

heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Posts: 86 admin
edited April 3 in Ship Bound

Acceptance letters for volunteers joining in Senegal are starting to go out, so we're about to update the Volunteer Guidebook to include the relevant travel information for our time in Senegal. Stay tuned!

You can download a copy of the guidebook by clicking here (though it currently does not include Senegal travel information).

Looking forward to Senegal! Hope to see you there.



  • DarleneGehmanDarleneGehman Posts: 5

    Hi Heather.

    Should I conclude that if I have not heard anything by email by now that I haven't been chosen?

    Thank you!


  • tinhlatinhla Posts: 1

    Hi Heather,

    could not download the guidebook as when I clicked the link, I got a message:

    Page Not Found

    The page you were looking for could not be found.

    So, Could you please reset a link again.


    Tinh La

  • heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Posts: 86 admin

    @DarleneGehman - I've asked your Placement Facilitator to give you an update by the end of the week. Sorry you haven't heard anything!

    @tinhla I've corrected the link - thanks for letting me know!

  • anamalattaanamalatta Posts: 24

    i'am not selected for houskeeper role in Snegal '' they are fully staffed for housekkeper role''

    i'am planning to fly to Senegal as day crew in Rehabilitation team, would that possible?

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