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Girl Scout connecting to USA female physician?

Hi! I’m Ashley, a 7th grade (13 year old) Girl Scout cadette from Indiana. A fellow girl from my troop, Gracie, and I are both interested in pursuing a career as physicians. For our Silver Award Project, we were hoping to connect with a female physician whom we could support and encourage on this journey to help those in need. We would like to know what there is that we could do to help throughout your time on the ship. Ideally we can find someone who would be boarding the ship in the next few months and who may come from the mid-western US as it would be easier to communicate. If you would be interested in assisting us in earning our Silver Awards, please let me know. Thanks!


  • kyliebestkyliebest Posts: 11

    Hi Ashley!

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us! I'm Kylie, a Recruiter here at Mercy Ships and I'm happy to assist you. By the way, I'm super impressed that you and your friend are aspiring to be physicians! I would recommend reaching out to Alyssa Rowe, our Medical Recruiter here, she might be able to help you connect with the right person. I have included her email below, as well as mine, should you have trouble connecting.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Thank you again for reaching out! Good luck in your journey and maybe we will see you onboard one day!



  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 74 admin
    edited April 2

    Hi Ashley,

    My name is Andrea Schmid, and I'm the Programs Senior Staffing Manager. I'll see who I can find for you, as we have several female physicians serving with us, and I'll get back to you soon. Please send me an email, and I'll do my best to connect you with one of our wonderful physicians.

    [email protected]

    Together we bring hope and healing.


  • jaxie_ryan87jaxie_ryan87 Surgical Placement Facilitator Posts: 15

    Hello Ashley,

    What an amazing topic that you are working on to complete for the Silver Award Project with Girl Scouts! I hope that both you and your friend reach your current goal of obtaining that award, but also, obtain your dreams of becoming Physicians. My name is Jaxie and I am a Surgical Placement Facilitator at Mercy Ships. I am so encouraged by your post. I am happy that you are choosing Mercy Ships as a foundation to complete this project. If you have questions regarding the application process for how Mercy Ships Physicians are processed, please let me know. You can email me at [email protected] Good luck obtaining all your goals :)

    Wishing you the best,


  • CynthiaHarrisCynthiaHarris Posts: 9 - Current Staff

    Ashley and Gracie,

    What an ambitious and inspiring project you have selected! Kudos to you both! I hope you learn so much and greatly enjoy gaining knowledge about Mercy Ships. I also look forward with anticipation that you will one day be part of bringing hope and healing!

    Cynthia Harris

    HR Administrative Assistant

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