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Does anyone know of a local market in Conakry where a sarong may be purchased? I seem to recall reading somewhere that head coverings were not required but recommended when venturing off the boat. I have bright red hair and super pale skin, don't know if this is something I should make an effort to "disguise."




  • HannahMulvihillHannahMulvihill Crew Support Coordinator Posts: 82 - Current Staff

    Hi Keelee,

    Thanks for checking in about the dress code on the ship. Here is a helpful video which you might find useful as you plan for your clothing onboard the ship.

    Head coverings are not necessary but you may want to wear a hat and sunscreen so you don't burn when you're out in the hot African sun!

    The markets have lots of stalls with beautiful fabrics in West Africa.

    Blessings and thank you for your service with Mercy Ships,

    Hannah Mulvihill,
    UK Crew Support Coordinator.

  • IrmaNoortIrmaNoort Posts: 18

    Hi Keelee,
    are you on board yet?
    Nearby the ship is a market where you can buy scarfs or local fabric to make a head covering.
    I do like to use one if I go in local places and can understand if you would do that. People on the street are friendly, but look at us 'white people' and it is normal that they start talking.

  • KeeleeMorganKeeleeMorgan Posts: 5

    Thank you Hannah and Irma!

    Irma, to answer your question, I am not on board yet but will joining May 5th. Super excited! :)

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