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Do we need to bring cash?

RebekahHoyeRebekahHoye Posts: 21
edited February 2019 in Crew Life

I'm wondering, I usually bring a moderate amount of cash when traveling to be changed to the local currency upon arrival. For those of you who have gone before, what did you do? Did you exchange money at the airport? Or is it not necessary. Is there an ATM aboard the ship? Do I even need cash? THANKS!


  • CarolineKirchnerCarolineKirchner Posts: 35 ✭✭

    The crew bank will take care of your exchange needs. No need to exchange at airport. As to how much can write a check at the crew bank for cash to exchange, so really not much need for more than a moderate amount of cash. All transactions onboard are via swiping your id badge and money coming out of your crew bank account. It is a “cashless” society onboard for toiletries, Mercy Ships gear and souvenirs in the ship shop to coffee at the Starbucks to a small bag of M&Ms when you are desperate. Mostly you will need cash for when you leave the ship and go into town.
    Thanks for serving! You will LOVE it! Look for the super energetic first grade teacher onboard and give her a hug from her mom for me. :-)

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