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Trip advisory, civil unrest

Did anyone else get the e-mail for a travel advisory to Conakry for civil unrest? Have there been any issues that people have encountered? I'm getting into Conakry after dark on February 24th and it makes me a little nervous as it says there have been many cars attacked trying to get around.

Also, does anyone know, the crew member that is supposed to pick us up from the airport, are they clearly identifiable? Do they have something with our name on it or do we get there name in advance? Thanks!


  • AllyJonesAllyJones Posts: 99

    Hi @RebekahHoye,
    Good question! I didn't get the email, but I'm on board the Africa Mercy in Conakry and we have lots of insight into any situations ashore.
    To answer your first question, there are occasionally some political protests in town, but rarely in areas where Mercy Ships is working, or where Mercy Ships Crew are. Interesting fact: all protests / marches have to be approved by the Government! So we always know if something is planned, but most of the protests are very calm and well organised.
    We work very closely with the different Embassies (French, American) who share information with us, as well as the UN, and the local police etc.. We also have two security officers working on board making sure that everyone knows if something flares up. People here in Conakry know Mercy Ships well and are very happy that we are here. We are always treated very well ashore! The Guinean people are some of the loveliest people I've met.

    For your second question about the airport - you get picked up by either our Airport run Day Crew or a Crew member. We have VIP access to the airport, so you are met just after the immigration section at baggage claim. They will also talk you through the immigration procedure, while you collect your bags. Again we are very well looked after at the airport & they all know Mercy Ships! We all travel in Mercy Ships branded vehicles, and the route back to the ship is very easy; that particular route has been free of any marches and stuff.

    I hope that puts your mind at ease. It's always good to be vigilant, but we are always given enough information if anything happens, and we all feel very safe here.

  • RebekahHoyeRebekahHoye Posts: 21

    @AllyJones Thank you so much! That information helps put my mind at ease. I agree, it's good to be aware and prepared but ultimately, I trust the Lord in all this. Excited to serve soon!

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