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Coming to Serve as a Family

We are a family of 4 with 2 children of 15 and 3. We would love to come and serve on the ship, in whatever way is most helpful. We are thinking of an original period of 3/4 weeks. Any other families who have done it before? What are your suggestions, best bits and things to look out for?
Also, where do we start in the application process as obviously we need to all be coming.
Thank you!
Sean & Claire


  • RopaRusereRopaRusere Posts: 3

    Hello Sean & Claire!

    Thanks for sharing your questions! As you can imagine, space on the ship is very limited so housing for couples/families is reserved for long-term crew or those filling critical positions.

    As other people share their experiences, you can also check out some other FAQs here.

    Take care! :smiley:

  • What a wonderful plan to serve with your family! My husband and I have served with several mission organizations throughout out the lives of our children as young as 18 months for a few days up to 8 weeks at a time. We believe it was an important part of our family goals shared experience. We didn't serve on MS however when they were young.

    There are several families onboard. My daughter serves as the 1st grade teacher in the ship's K-12 Academy, so there are children onboard with their family serving who are in the Academy. As commented above, the long term (2+ years) family volunteers are put into the family cabins.

    So if you can't commit long her, some things to think about for the future, I served on the ship short-term in housekeeping while my adult daughter was there teaching, one of our other daughters did a gap year between high school and college on the ship too so siblings served together. While on the ship, I met several mother/daughter volunteers who served for a few months together in dining, or mother did one job and daughter did another. So, anyway, there are opportunities, for families long term (perhaps you should think about that?), but you might have to wait until your little one gets older to serve short-term.

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