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Getting Ready to Deploy

2 Questions, How is the weather in February? Also, in PACU do the physicians order the standard post op medications or are there medications the states don't normally use that I need to be knowledgeable on?


  • MelissaDaveyMelissaDavey Posts: 1
    Hi Kelly,

    The weather is warm and dry here in Conakry right now. It’s harmatten to its very dusty too. Even tho Guinea is warm the AC can make the ship feel cold so you may want to bring a long sleeve shift or sweater Incase you get cold in your cabin.

    There are standardized post op order sheets for each specialty in the PACU that the nurses follow. Most of the medications are similar to what we use in the US, we use the generic names for all of them. I’d say the only one you will want to look up would be Tranexamic Acid.

    We are looking forward to you serving with us on the Africa Mercy! See you soon!

    Melissa Davey
    PACU Nurse Team Leader
  • KellyArroyoKellyArroyo Posts: 5

    TXA Yes, we use it for Trauma Patients with uncontrolled hemorrhage. I haven't had to administer it my self, but will read up on it. Thank you!

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