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Introducing Myself

Hi, All. My name is Mike Cheston. My wife Laurie Wesely and I will be arriving Sunday January 6th, and we are both blessed and excited to get there. Laurie will be working as a Ward Nurse (with 30+ years experience as a nurse) and I will be working housekeeping during our 2-month time there. Most of my background is in security but I'm happy to serve in any capacity...and I am really good at house cleaning...I've been practicing. Bless you all.


  • Michael,

    Thank you so much for choosing to serve with us. We really appreciate you and Laurie :)

    Have a wonderful holiday season before you guys get there. If you have any questions before you head out then please contact you placement facilitator or one of us here on myMercy,


    Hannah in the UK office

  • Thanks, Hannah! Blessings...

  • KimMarlattKimMarlatt Posts: 12

    Hi Michael and Laurie
    I am also arriving on January 6/19 until Jan 19/19. Two week to test the waters so to speak. I am an O.R. nurse. Perhaps we will all meet up at the airport and be transported to the ship together. Looking forward to connecting with you and your wife.
    Have a great day

  • We'll look for travels.

  • SherrySealsSherrySeals Posts: 7
    Aww...Thank you for serving Michael. I hope to meet you and your wife when you get on board.

    I'm serving with the dental team beginning 12/16/18. I will still be aboard when you guys arrive.

    Safe travels. 🙂
  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Posts: 21 admin

    Thank you for serving, Michael and Laurie!

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