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Joining as a PICU nurse March-May 2019

KerryDevlinKerryDevlin MissPosts: 3
edited November 2018 in Introduce Yourself

Hiya! I am so honoured to serve with Mercy Ships next year! As a staff nurse in NHS Scotland, I’m sure it will be a huge change. Cannot wait to meet all of you next year :)


  • HannahMulvihillHannahMulvihill Posts: 69 ✭✭

    We appreciate you, Kerry!! :) Thank you so much for serving with us onboard. Do connect with your National office page and contact me if you need anything at all to support you before you head out there,


  • AlyssaElbertAlyssaElbert Medical Recruiter Posts: 144 - Current Staff

    Thank you so much for your upcoming service in PICU :smile: Hope you have a wonderful experience!

  • RebekahHoyeRebekahHoye Posts: 21

    Hi Kerry!

    I'm also a PICU nurse coming from California! It looks like we'll overlap as I will be serving February 24th to April 19th! What date are you arriving? Excited to be working with you!

  • KerryDevlinKerryDevlin Miss Posts: 3
    Hi Rebekah!

    How wonderful to hear from you! :) I arrive on March 17th so we will have a whole month as colleagues! Are you all ready for February?

    Happy Holidays!
  • RebekahHoyeRebekahHoye Posts: 21

    @KerryDevlin How exciting!!

    I'm almost ready, have a few things left on my to-do list still! I'm thrilled to meet and work alongside you soon!

  • LeeClouseLeeClouse Posts: 1

    Rebekah, You and I will start our service at the same time; I will be staying until early May. This will be my 4th time serving also as a PICU nurse. I'm interested to know what flight you will be taking from California to Guinea. I'm flying out of New Mexico, but perhaps we will be on a connecting flight. It would be great to connect ahead of time.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to share what I can.

  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 92 admin

    Thank you, Kerry, Rebekah and Lee! PICU Nurses are not easy to find, and we are so very grateful for each of you and your willingness to serve! I hope you each have a very rewarding experience serving with Mercy Ships!

  • davidkpakiwadavidkpakiwa Posts: 4
    Kerry, Rebecca and Lee
    Our country will be proud to have you serving her people. I'm David, working in the Mercy ministries department and we offer great opportunities to crew members to go and show love on the less opportunied, the abandoned and the orphans beyond the ships territory. I will be glad to meeting you when you come to serve my country.
  • RebekahHoyeRebekahHoye Posts: 21
    edited February 5
    I just now saw your message! Oh how exciting! I cannot wait to serve alongside you! I arrive in Conakry on Feb 24th at 6:15 PM I believe, connecting through JFK and then Paris. What about you??
  • RebekahHoyeRebekahHoye Posts: 21
    @davidkpakiwa I am definitely interested in the mercy ministries! I look forward to meeting you and getting involved!
  • KerryDevlinKerryDevlin Miss Posts: 3

    Hi @RebekahHoye, @LeeClouse, wishing you both best of luck with the start of your service and looking forward to working with you both!!

    @davidkpakiwa, I would love to be a part of mercy ministries and become more involved with the people of Guinea. Can't wait to stay in your country!!

  • davidkpakiwadavidkpakiwa Posts: 4
    edited February 8
    @KerryDevlin, @RebekahHoye it's simple to be hook up with mercy ministries, just find your way to the mid ship and grab the programs opportunity binder and quickly turn to mercy ministries, you will see all the opportunities there. Hope to meeting you when you arrive onboard.
  • anamalattaanamalatta Posts: 32

    i'am [email protected] anama! thanks for your willing with Mercy ships. loads of blessings.

  • mitchelgmitchelg Engagement Coordinator Posts: 23 admin
    edited July 1

    @RebekahHoye and @LeeClouse. Thank you for your service! This online community is a great place for information, questions, and a way to interact. YOU are what make hope and healing continue!

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