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What date should i leave from the ship?

Hello. I need a help to book the flights
I accepted during Nov 25,(Sun) ~Jan 5(Sat).
I ll arrive at Conakry in 25th . But im confusing
Return ticket should dpart on Jan 5 or sleep over in the ship and leave the next day (Sun). I heard there is pick up car. So they work on Saturday too? I just want to make sure before buy ticket.

If someone know about this, please help me. Usually leave 1. Saturday 2. Sunday.

Thank you .

Best Answer

  • WillCreeneWillCreene Posts: 12
    Accepted Answer

    You should book your flight to leave on the 5th. I think hospitality tries to have people leave on Saturday so that their cabin space can be empty and clean in preparation for somebody arriving on Sunday. There is a lot of work and logistics going into these decisions so stick to the 25th as your arrival date and the 5th as your departure date. There will be drivers doing airport runs on both days, Saturday for drop-off and Sunday for pick-up.

    Welcome to the crew and enjoy your service while you're here :smile:


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